EDS Tech Training works with Colleges and private industries to train to do the work.. and then also does the work.

EDS works with colleges

High Level Process

We establish a relationship with one college, per their geographic reach.

Select the programs that will meet employer and market demand.

Implement the programs at the college level.

Market the programs.

Support the college in course delivery.

Work with students to obtain gainful employment.

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workforcesolutions In 2017, Fiber Optic Training will be offered by EDS Tech Training Sites. Michael Gutierrez, Business  Consultant Manager with Workforce Solutions-Employer Service Division will be available to assist any US Veteran or Qualified  Candidate interested in a Workforce Development Scholarship Funding. Please contact Darryl Smith at darryl.smith@wrksolutions.com  www.wrksolutions.com Phone:(713)-245-6518

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How Does HJC & RTA supports EEE Model?
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